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Oh how wrong we were to think that immortality meant never dying
we're not okay {{ we promise }}
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31st-Jan-2007 06:48 pm(no subject)
More icons!
Fer sure.
I couldnt resist.
Found more beautiful Gerard pics.
Sorry the quality on these isnt as good as my other batch.
& not as decorated.
Because I CBF.

Dont think I'll be making more icons for a while.
I go back to school tomorrow [year 11 wooo!]
& I've got to really study hard this year.
Coz ch'know; they dont let just anyone into med school.

So like; you may be lucky to catch me ljing it up & posting more icons.

If you use any icons PLEASE comment & credit!.

Feel free to add me to lj & whatnot if you'd like.
Because I'll probably still update that.

Till next time!


| | |

i need a life; la la la la laCollapse )
30th-Jan-2007 04:44 pm - icons :)
I bring you Gerard icons!
I just joined because I managed to make a whole crapload of Gerard icons & figured I'll share them with people who love him.

I've been pretty Gerard happy lately because Im going to see MCR in six days :)
Theyre still not sold out; would you believe it.

Take what you like, but dont forget to comment & credit!
&&& ENJOY!

:( @ gerards new black hair.


i obviously have too much time on my hands; follow me!Collapse )

Okay whatever; Im going to watch Anatomie now.
14th-Jun-2006 02:29 pm - My New MCR video: My Chemical Mafia!
taking back fight club
So how are my fellow sluts doing? Here's my latest video "My Chemical Mafia"! It's inspired partially by Kill Bill/Tarantino and incorporates some of my photoshop skills as well. I'll have icons & wallpapers up soon for those of you who dig the video. Plus any requests/ideas for future videos, please feel free to contact me.

So here's "My Chemical Mafia" 1&2, "Gee Love's Sweet Dance Moves", and "Woohoo!" videos: (hoping these will all show up!)

Oh yes my fellow sluts, here's some fuel for your fire:


I decided to make Gee a shirt in photoshop. Funny shit, eh?

My Chemical Mafia Version 2

"My Chemical Mafia" (version one)


If you're on myspace and would like to add me, this is the Gee's flippin' sweet dance moves profile page as well as my profile page. My YouTube profile/channel is here: http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=beatrixkiddo79

Take care everyone! Hope you enjoyed them! Let me know what you think!
28th-Mar-2005 05:06 pm - Members Only
car crash
After the first week of operation, Gerard Sluts of Livejournal had become a large and fairly succesful community. Due to the open membership feature we offer, several coments and rude remarks had been made that we could not prevent. This is why we are now a members only community. The Rules are listed below, and if you decide to join, we will welcome you with open arms. Remember, as ditzy as we sound, we are here for the music... *and of course, looks*... of Gerard Way and My Chemical Romance.

By joining you will gain acess to our members only community posts. In these posts you may find:

-new eljay friends
-ect ect ect...

¤ you must mark your entries as friends only when posting in this community. (dont worry it will show up to all members, not the ones on your given friends list)

¤ If you target, downgrade, or insult any member you will be BANNED. If I or any other mod feel you have done such a thing, we will let you know in a public post and your username will be featured on the communitys "bitch list" in the userinfo.

¤ DO NOT pimp out communities in here unless given permission by a mod. And make sure when you do, you include the name of the mod who gave you permission to post it. To obtain mod permission, contact any of the moderators or co-moderators listed on our userinfo through their livejournal or comments.

¤ DO NOT post negative things about Gerard Way or any member of My Chemical Romance. This is for the fans, kiddies.

¤ Lengthy amount of content including large photos or posts containing more than one photo should be put behind an lj-cut.

That being said - Welcome, we promise we're not a cult *cough cough*.
28th-Mar-2005 04:41 pm(no subject)
me [jess]
So I was really bored one day and made some lame ass AIM icons.
If you take, that's cool.
There's no way to credit, but comments are nice. :]


and in this pool of blood...Collapse )
28th-Mar-2005 02:15 pm(no subject)
Anyone have the picture of Gerard in his skeleton suite next to Bert? I saw it here somewhere but I can't find it anymore..grr..thanks in advance!
28th-Mar-2005 01:06 pm - MEMBERS ONLY
car crash
Hey all. Due to a few nasty comments I found scattered throughout the community by non-members I have decided that our community will now by MEMBERS ONLY.

When making a post please make sure you use the "friends only" feature. If you post publicly, your post will be deleted.

thanks guys.

oh yes, and congrats to vampyredrusilla for being selected as a co-mod. I will select the final co-mod shortly.
28th-Mar-2005 12:26 pm - Another Question..
Anyone know where I can find the video of Gerard and Bert singing "Under Pressure" together? If so please tell me where, or give me the link. I REALLY appreciate it!
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